Friday, June 28, 2013

Theme Two:
Preschool Day at the Lake etc.
School is over for the summer so being the last week of preschool, there were a few fun events. On Wednesday we all headed to the Usk Hobby Farm, and I really wish I hadn't forgotten my camera. Today was the farewell event, a family afternoon at the Kin Kamp. This time I had my camera but I wont be able to share all my photos as I believe it is bad form to post photos of other peoples children with out there knowledge or permission.

The boys had a great time, Meara was passed around for lots of cuddles and we enjoyed the sun. I think I am going to miss preschool more than Greg though.
And now to post a few extra photos from the last two weeks (including my new crafting space. Yay!).

It no longer looks anywhere near this tidy.

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