Friday, June 7, 2013

Photo Friday - The First!

It is my very first photo Friday and I almost forgot. Sheesh, I am bad at remembering these things.
It has been a quiet week, with out too much going on.
Today Greg helped me work on a craft that I will be posting on the next Craft-tastic Tuesday so those photos may have to wait.
Greg has Kindergarten orientation next week and he is beyond excited. That little guy is growing up.
I am really proud of Joseph this week. On Sunday he got new shoes and I had encouraged him to give laces a try. Guess who can already           tie his laces unassisted. Yup, it`s Joe!
Now aside from learning to tie his shoes it has been next to impossible to get Josephs attention this week. He has been enjoying a few old school computer games a little too much.
So this weeks photos are mostly just Greg and Meara. Perhaps I will pull a few older Joseph photos out.

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