Sunday, June 23, 2013

Diaper Sewing and Future Tutorials

So, I am having a late night internet search. I have been looking for cloth insert patterns to stuff in my now perfected pocket diaper pattern. No luck, I can't find much other than your basic rectangle insert made of flannel so I will just have to design my own.
I have finally pulled the serger out and learned how to thread it. So this should give me a leg up in the insert making process. While I wait for my fabric order to come in I can practice, maybe use up some flannel scraps to make boring inserts.
I have started to really really like my Jam Tots One Size Stuffers, and I have a feeling that I could sew these myself. And then, I have been liking the sound of the Loopy-Do inserts and now I think I might try to make an insert that combines the best of both of these.
The next Craft-tastic Tuesday will very likely be a cloth diaper sewing post. Either I will let you know how my inserts turn out, possibly even provide the tutorial and pattern, or I will give you a pocket diaper pattern and tips.
I am also going to be opening an Etsy shop to sell my headbands (possibly cloth diapers down the road) once I have a little stock put together, so if anyone has any requests or suggestions, now is the time. Stacey, I hope your little bun doesn't mind modeling a few when she gets out of the oven.
I still owe a photo post but I think that it may be more realistic for me to make this a bi-weekly post like the crafting as I seem to get busy with the little things during the week and then Friday just sneaks up on me. We shall see what happens.
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