Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy First Birthday, Meara!

Before I neglect to post, here are a few moments from Meara's first Birthday party!

And plenty of photos after the break

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Well, I suppose it is going to get to the point of being a rare sight, me writing a post. I am very busy with the new found success I have been having with my little home business, on top of which I am back to working full time. I have a great big to do list and a few post ideas but no real idea as to when I will get to them. Eek.
I will try to find some time for a few photo friday posts as Meara is looking at being a year old in less than a month and I still have the Christmas photos to post. For now, check out my awesome new business logo.
Please stop by my Facebook page and see what I have been so busy with :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Still Neglectful

Binky D version
Ahh, I just keep doing it. Pretty well entirely forgetting about the blog. Sorry.
So here is how December went down. The whole household got sick a week and a half before Christmas. The Christmas gift baking as a result got scaled back and thrown together at the last minute. It all worked out. The boys pajamas got hemmed on Christmas Eve eve and the man in the red suit finally showed.
Whew, it's done. And Happy New Year. I have a few good photo's to share from December but this post is being written really late at night so I will have to put that off till tomorrow (or whenever I procrastinate it to, lets be honest here).
My Newborn version 
This past week has been about sewing, I am feeling the crunch for time right now. I return to work in less than a month so I must sew sew SEW SEW SEW! While I still can. I have decided to try out a few new diaper patterns and when I am done testing them out on Meara I will try to slap a few diapers onto the butts of friends babies. I am possibly going to sell a few tester diapers and possibly run a contest for those who submit survey responses but I have no timeline on this. Also, I made Maxaloones for Meara, so darn cute.
You can expect to see a few new products posted to Etsy this month (3 yoga pants from the Brindille and Twig pattern are already cut for sewing).
Alright, going to try to get some sleep happening here, Meara is stubbornly rubbing her eyes and refusing to cooperate. Good night and hopefully I can get back in the groove here soon.
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