Cloth Diapering

I am all about the cloth and I want to help you find all the info you need to support your cloth diapering experience. So here I will be building a list of handy links for you right here.

Within Blog Links:

The Dirty Details About the Diapers
This is a how to for cloth diapering that I wrote.

Craft-tastic Tuesday - One Size Cloth Diaper Insert
This is a diaper insert sewing tutorial.

I Think Diapers are Dandy
Diaper sewing advice. It is much easier than you think.

Advice for Those Considering Cloth
Very simple advice to help with the cloth diapering decision.

Craft-tastic Tuesday Etsy Pattern Review Brindille and Twig
A pattern review for a pair of cloth diaper friendly baby yoga pants as well as photos of my little one in a bulky diaper that is fully covered by these pants.

Cloth Diaper Linings - Is stay dry better
I talk about my experience with different linings

External Links:
A very handy list for cloth diapering detergents
Organic Fabric for cloth diaper sewing. This is a great Canadian store and I am quite impressed with them. The shipping isn't too bad, especially when you split it with a friend. The cuts are very generous (a yard and a half order that measured an inch shy of 2 yards!). The fabric is sold in half yard increments and the prices are fair.
Wazoodle sells cloth diapering fabric, Little Green Bear Diapers and precut diaper sewing kits and that is just a little taste of their merchandise. This great online shop used to be Canadian owned but is now American. They didn't forget about us up here though, they have a Canadian dollar checkout and you wont have any surprise brokerage and duty. The shipping is a little high for small orders but the more you order the better it gets. The new owners have been working hard to build their own reputation (the old Wazoodle didn't get the customer service side too well). Wonderful products and great service.
A chart for cloth diapering fabric comparisons
If you need a list of the cloth diapering benefits, this one covers it thoroughly
An honest list of how many diapers you really need.
Diapering systems at a glance. A handy quick reference.
Cloth diapering stats and surveys, an amazing amount of information here.

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