Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Craft-tastic Tuesday - One Size Cloth Diaper Inserts

Well, my Simplifi Fabric order arrived Friday and I have nothing but nice things to say about them. The cuts are extremely generous, the fabrics are exactly what I expected or better. I will definitely be ordering there again.
So naturaly, having lots of new fabric to work with, I got right to work. Todays project is a one size cloth diaper insert that is modeled after the Jam Tots One Size Stuffers. My per insert cost works out to just under $3.00 each. I really like the Jam Tots inserts but this project gave me the chance to modify them to fit my needs. You will require a snap press or pliers to make these but if you are going to be making a lot of cloth diapers it is definitly a worth while investment. My pliers were about $18.00 at Walmart and you can order them from Wazoodle or Simplifi as well.

For this project you will require: (makes 6)
1 yard - Hemp Terry (prewashed)
1 yard - Microfiber Terry (prewashed)
Snap Press and 8 snaps (two studs and six sockets or vice versa)
Serger (although you could turn and top-stitch these)
Basic sewing notions

  1. Cut two 5"x36" strips of Hemp Terry and one strip an eighth of an inch wider of Microfiber Terry. The extra width in the microfiber Terry isn't necessary, I just found it a little easier when pinning the fabrics together to have the middle slightly wider.
  2. Pin the fabrics together, the microfiber layer goes in the middle so that it will never touch baby's bottom. You will need to be careful to ensure that the edges line up well so that the serger will catch all three layers when you are stitching them together. I like to cut a little off of the corners of the fabric to make getting around the corners just a little easier on the serger.
  3. Now you are ready to serge and it really is that simple.
  4. Mark out your snap placement on the fabric and attach your snaps. You will want to decide the
    Snap placement
    distance apart that you will use for your snaps. On the first end you will have 2 stud snaps facing down right near the edge of the fabric. On the opposite end you will use 6 socket snaps facing up two against the edge of the fabric, two 3" further in and another two 2" along.
That's it. Now you can adjust your insert to the desired length. Move the extra fabric to the front for a boy and the middle for a girl.

My inserts are a little thicker than the Jam Tots but I find that they don't bunch up and twist in the crotch the way the Jam Tots seem to.
I made 2 of these on Friday and now that I have washed them a few times and given them a test run I do like them. They are extremely absorbent, they don't bunch and twist in the diaper but they do take a little longer to dry.
A month later and these are my absolute favorite inserts. They are not as wide as the JamTots, partly due to shrinkage and partly because I am still learning on the serger, and they are thicker but I find that they aren't really any bulkier. The reason that I love these inserts so much is that they are exactly what my daughter needs in a night time diaper. Every once in a while she sleeps a little longer, and I like to credit these inserts for give me some rest.

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