Monday, June 3, 2013

Blogging Resolutions

Last week I came across a blog while searching for a pattern to make a sheet for my change table. When I had a little more time this weekend I read through many of the posts and I must say I did get inspired. Jennis Just Trying to "Make It" is a mommy blog, she is the type of mom that I must admit I am envious of, the kind of mom I try to emulate. She is crafty, her blog is full of posts of creative gifts she makes, recipes she loves, tips on being frugal and how to be more environmentally responsible.
The inspiration I took from this blog is the idea to post a regular project and ideally I would like to do this every week but knowing myself that is shooting pretty high. I am the type of blogger who only randomly remembers she has a blog to post on. So instead of saying that every Tuesday is Craft-tastic I will aim for every other Tuesday but I do intend to have Photo Fridays.
Craft-tastic Tuesdays will be variations between quick projects with a photo tutorial, to updates on the projects I am working on to those little crafting afternoons with the boys where we just play with pipe cleaners and construction paper. I am going to try my hardest to keep up with a biweekly post, even if that means making a few in advance and saving them as drafts.
Photo Fridays will be me posting a few photos every week of the kids and brief family updates. The idea is that between all the random bigger posts there will always be a little something posted on a regular basis.
The final change I intend to make is with the recipes that I have posted. Instead of having a tab with recipes galore I think I will make the recipes a regular blog post and the Recipes tab will have links to the original blog post. Also look forward to the addition of a Crafts and Projects tab.
Now, before I end this post I am going to share with you a photo of tomorrows Craft-tastic Tuesday project.

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