Wednesday, November 20, 2013

new friend bundle - gDiapers

Just a quick one today.

This is an amazing deal on the gateway drug of cloth diapers so check it out. If you buy please use my code new2878Glover so I can win cool prizes.

These diapers are super cute, travel friendly and very versatile. I like to save the disposable inserts for longer outing so that I am not coming home with a diaper bag overflowing in dirty diapers. Just flush or toss.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

My Argument Against One Size Diapers

I love cloth diapers. I am ridiculously proud of cloth diapering, and every time I sew a new diaper I fight the urge to shamelessly post it up all over my social networks. In fact, I fight the same urge every time I buy a new diaper too (just ordered some size 2 Thirsties, eeeek!). I have an eclectic stash of fluff. My stash consists of all kinds, home sewn, store bought, pockets, AIO's, Hybrids, Contours, Fitted, Prefolds, Flats..... What is missing from my stash? One size diapers.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Christmas Sewing Officially Begins

When I first learned to drive I didn't want to drive for very long. I would get tired of it quickly, finding it almost mentally exhausting and with sewing I feel much the same. I think it is for this reason that the projects I choose tend to offer that instant gratification of a project that come together quickly and finishes in a single sitting. When I started with diapers I could only sew one or two at a time and then I was done. Not a second more would be spent doing anything sewing related, well except during early labor, I sewed up about 7 diapers that morning.
I also have a tendency to remake all those patterns that I love. I have made near a dozen pairs of yoga pants for Meara. So I am feeling a little nervous right now, as I have chosen a bit of a bigger undertaking and I suspect it may take me a few afternoons in the sewing room to pull it all together, but of course it will be well worth it. The Amaryllis Dress, which was released this week in Pattern Anthology's Winter Wonderland bundle, is that bigger project. It is a gorgeous and reversible dress. Perfect for Christmas, don't you think?
Yesterday I spent about an hour wandering Fabricland and looking for that perfect fabric. Sure, I could order online and get a good deal, but I felt for this it was more important to feel the fabric and see it before I bought it. I needed to know I did have the perfect fabric.
I chose a beautiful cream cotton plaid with grey, pink, metallic gold, and blue in the colors. It has a casual feel that is still dressy. Because I wanted the dress to have a pop of color to it I chose the subtle blue in the fabric to be the main color on the reverse side. I had one of the associates help me pick out the perfect fabric to match, a teal blue crepe (I think, I neglected to read the info on the end of the bolt) with body and a subtle shimmer. This dress is gonna be gorgeous!
Today I am pre-washing the fabrics, and assembling my pattern pieces. I will try to get to cutting into the fabric today too, but since I am trying to finish a pair of Sadie Grace Nightgowns I already cut, I think it just might not be in the cards. Meara would have to let me have that much time for me. Dream on!
So, the nightgowns are actually the first Christmas gift that I have sewn so far. One is done and the other is just waiting for me to sew it up. I decided to use up some of the Crib Bedding fabrics that I had left on this project and to make a generous size 2. Meara is such a big little girl.
In terms of the DIY Christmas Project, I am realizing that I need to scale it back. I can't realistically sew that much in less than 2 months. So, now I am going to call it, minimum one hand made gift per person on the list, and most of that gets covered by the Christmas baking. Maybe I can sew up several Pajama Eaters for the nieces and nephews, maybe.
Well, I have spent enough time online, onto the sewing room and the many projects that await!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Photo Friday - Halloween

Halloween ended up being one of those hectic and dramatic days for me. I think that is probably typical of most moms. I had stayed up late the night before baking some 109 sugar cookies so the boys would have something to share with their classmates at school. Greg, the one whose class actually had a Halloween party, lost his cookies in the mudroom and never got to share them.
I was a bad Mama, because I didn't finish Meara's costume before Halloween, no instead I stressed out all day trying to make it work, swore at my failed ballet slippers and she ended up in a tutu we already had, some leg warmers I quickly made out of a pair of socks and voila, lazy ballerina suit.
I am so glad that that is over, now I get to stress out over Christmas, hooray!

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