Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Nesting Continues

I didn't even use a pattern for these.
Well, my due date is just nine days away and I spent my morning and most of the afternoon at the sewing machine. I had made a few burp cloths out of some flannel scraps a few nights ago and decided to head over to Walmart and grab a little more flannel to make some more of them today but next thing you know I am slip covering all the cushions in adorable pinks. I suppose I may have to admit that I am starting to become almost competent with the sewing machine. I managed to successfully slip cover a neck roll with out the use of curse words or tears! And yes, I am feeling very proud of myself.

I ordered a whole bunch of materials for some fitted diapers and a little more PUL fabric from Wazoodle yesterday so that I can make a few more larger diaper covers. I am getting really into this sewing thing. I think I may even braven up enough to make one of those lacy ruffle bottomed diaper covers.
I guess nesting is probably more of a way of coping with the impatience of waiting and trying to ignore all the braxton hicks. Well, whatever it is, I got it.

My pretties! The above picture shows the other side of them. Fabric cost was just $12.00 and I have so much left.

My burp cloth collection. Those are almost to pretty to be puked on. The pink with little brown polka-dots was fabric I already had on hand. It cost me $12/00 for the fabric for the other 5.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A few quick photos, if I don't post now, when will I?

Christmas morning in his new PJ's
He was singning a Muppets song and dancing around the house in his silly reindeer hat.
The only photo of Dan from Christmas morning.
The boys had a few friends over and they made adorable candy monstrosities, I mean Gingerbread Houses.
Halloween costumes.
This summers koolaid stand. The boys made quite a bit of change that day.
Gregory on Christmas morning.
Sorry most of the photos are sideways, I am still trying to figure out how to fix that once uploaded :p

Waiting for Meara

Getting all the little baby things in order
So, we are about 2 weeks away from Meara's due date and I have been getting very uncomfortable. Really hoping that means she is ready to come out now.
The nesting has definitely begun. The nursery is all put together, hospital bag is packed, even an overnight bag ready for the boys. We are ready, so come on Meara, come meet your family.

Look at all that pink!
With all the nesting, you might think I would be finished that crochet blanky I started before she was even conceived or making a few more of those oh so cute cloth diapers. I have always been one to start a project, time to make myself finish a few.

But I still say I can't sew, I just love the fold-over elastic, it's so easy.
And I am good at faking knowing how to crochet.
But the nesting is definitely full force over here. Even Dan, and his hysterical pregnancy are getting in the groove. Too much food in the fridge (he wont stop cooking).

Well, I am going to get back to nesting, soon I will have baby photos to share (Christmas ones too, oops)

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