Friday, June 14, 2013

Photo Friday - Um Um Oops

So here it is Photo Friday and I didn't take any photos this week. Sure I have tonnes of those fawning over every single expression the baby makes photo's but nothing of the boys.
I have been keeping pretty busy this week. It all started with the oodles of appointments. The boys saw the Optometrist, Meara weighed in at 17lbs 3oz at her 3 month check-up, and Joey has been to the dentist twice. Yikes. Greg had an intro to Kindergarten appointment too. Top that off with my receiving the sewing books I ordered, and couldn't seem to put down for 2 whole days. Busy week.
Yesterday Dan was home with me and we went a little crazy on the home reorganization. We moved quite a bit of furniture around, pulled the couch back to create a larger living room while stealing a foot off the kitchen. But, while to any visitor that would appear to be the biggest change (and it looks great), it is not. I have a dedicated sewing space now!!!
We have had the one spare room acting as a catch all for months, so finally Dan and I took it back. We moved all the clutter to the back porch to be dealt with next week and turned the room into a hobby space. Dan took one side of the room and I the other and I really can't wait to put together Tuesdays post now. Eek!

So here are the best of the baby photos from the week. I will make a point of getting out with the boys and the camera over the weekend so I can have a little more photo's to share next week.

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