Friday, June 28, 2013

Theme Two:
Preschool Day at the Lake etc.
School is over for the summer so being the last week of preschool, there were a few fun events. On Wednesday we all headed to the Usk Hobby Farm, and I really wish I hadn't forgotten my camera. Today was the farewell event, a family afternoon at the Kin Kamp. This time I had my camera but I wont be able to share all my photos as I believe it is bad form to post photos of other peoples children with out there knowledge or permission.

Photo Friday - Through Greg's Lens

I know I missed last Friday and even though I have chose to amend my schedule for Photo Fridays I do feel that I should be posting a little extra this week and so I have two themes in this post. Also, I am sorry to be posting this so late in the day.

Theme One:
Through Greg's Lens
I have a small collection of photos that Greg took over the last week to share with you. I always enjoy handing over the camera so I can see the things that my children find photo-worthy. It is neat to see the world through a child's eyes. So here goes...

When in doubt, photograph the TV
Even if it is off.

A fuzzy kitty is always a good subject.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Diaper Sewing and Future Tutorials

So, I am having a late night internet search. I have been looking for cloth insert patterns to stuff in my now perfected pocket diaper pattern. No luck, I can't find much other than your basic rectangle insert made of flannel so I will just have to design my own.
I have finally pulled the serger out and learned how to thread it. So this should give me a leg up in the insert making process. While I wait for my fabric order to come in I can practice, maybe use up some flannel scraps to make boring inserts.
I have started to really really like my Jam Tots One Size Stuffers, and I have a feeling that I could sew these myself. And then, I have been liking the sound of the Loopy-Do inserts and now I think I might try to make an insert that combines the best of both of these.
The next Craft-tastic Tuesday will very likely be a cloth diaper sewing post. Either I will let you know how my inserts turn out, possibly even provide the tutorial and pattern, or I will give you a pocket diaper pattern and tips.
I am also going to be opening an Etsy shop to sell my headbands (possibly cloth diapers down the road) once I have a little stock put together, so if anyone has any requests or suggestions, now is the time. Stacey, I hope your little bun doesn't mind modeling a few when she gets out of the oven.
I still owe a photo post but I think that it may be more realistic for me to make this a bi-weekly post like the crafting as I seem to get busy with the little things during the week and then Friday just sneaks up on me. We shall see what happens.

Friday, June 21, 2013


One photo post,
This weekend.
I kept forgetting to put the memory card back in my camera this week.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Craft-tastic Tuesday - Baby Headbands

This is a really easy craft. Today I am going to show you how to make a headband using FOE (fold over elastic), thread, a button, and a silk flower. You can use a glue gun when making these but I have found that the results are a lot cleaner with thread.

The first thing you need to do is take your flower apart. You wont need the center just the petals. Reassemble using a button to hold the flower together as shown in the photos below. You can use a safety pin to keep the flower together while you ready your headband.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Photo Friday - Um Um Oops

So here it is Photo Friday and I didn't take any photos this week. Sure I have tonnes of those fawning over every single expression the baby makes photo's but nothing of the boys.
I have been keeping pretty busy this week. It all started with the oodles of appointments. The boys saw the Optometrist, Meara weighed in at 17lbs 3oz at her 3 month check-up, and Joey has been to the dentist twice. Yikes. Greg had an intro to Kindergarten appointment too. Top that off with my receiving the sewing books I ordered, and couldn't seem to put down for 2 whole days. Busy week.
Yesterday Dan was home with me and we went a little crazy on the home reorganization. We moved quite a bit of furniture around, pulled the couch back to create a larger living room while stealing a foot off the kitchen. But, while to any visitor that would appear to be the biggest change (and it looks great), it is not. I have a dedicated sewing space now!!!
We have had the one spare room acting as a catch all for months, so finally Dan and I took it back. We moved all the clutter to the back porch to be dealt with next week and turned the room into a hobby space. Dan took one side of the room and I the other and I really can't wait to put together Tuesdays post now. Eek!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Teaser - What I'm Working on Now

Well, I have another really cute craft to show you on the next Craft-tastic Tuesday, but since that isn't until the 18th and I am so proud of these I thought I might share a photo or two or more.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Photo Friday - The First!

It is my very first photo Friday and I almost forgot. Sheesh, I am bad at remembering these things.
It has been a quiet week, with out too much going on.
Today Greg helped me work on a craft that I will be posting on the next Craft-tastic Tuesday so those photos may have to wait.
Greg has Kindergarten orientation next week and he is beyond excited. That little guy is growing up.
I am really proud of Joseph this week. On Sunday he got new shoes and I had encouraged him to give laces a try. Guess who can already           tie his laces unassisted. Yup, it`s Joe!
Now aside from learning to tie his shoes it has been next to impossible to get Josephs attention this week. He has been enjoying a few old school computer games a little too much.
So this weeks photos are mostly just Greg and Meara. Perhaps I will pull a few older Joseph photos out.

Monday, June 3, 2013

December 2012 Christmas Recipes

This was originally posted as a separate page on this blog but as I am restructuring it is being moved as it's own post. To keep the recipes easy to find I will have a page on it's own tab with links to the individual recipe posts.

Last year, when I handed out my Christmas baking as gifts I had decided to include a booklet with all the recipes. This year I have decided to make those recipes available online on this special page of my blog.

So far this year I have already got the Brandy and Rum Balls made, I have made a large batch on instant hot cocoa mix, and I am just this afternoon baking a ridiculous amount of Gingerbread Apricot Biscotti. The only thing left for me to make now is the Amish Caramel Corn, but that must be made closer to Christmas as I doubt it will freeze well and who wants stale popcorn?

I will try to include links wherever possible to the original recipes that I have used (as I do have a tendency to make them my own) and will likely also bring some previously gifted recipes on here even though I may not be making those items this year.


Blogging Resolutions

Last week I came across a blog while searching for a pattern to make a sheet for my change table. When I had a little more time this weekend I read through many of the posts and I must say I did get inspired. Jennis Just Trying to "Make It" is a mommy blog, she is the type of mom that I must admit I am envious of, the kind of mom I try to emulate. She is crafty, her blog is full of posts of creative gifts she makes, recipes she loves, tips on being frugal and how to be more environmentally responsible.
The inspiration I took from this blog is the idea to post a regular project and ideally I would like to do this every week but knowing myself that is shooting pretty high. I am the type of blogger who only randomly remembers she has a blog to post on. So instead of saying that every Tuesday is Craft-tastic I will aim for every other Tuesday but I do intend to have Photo Fridays.
Craft-tastic Tuesdays will be variations between quick projects with a photo tutorial, to updates on the projects I am working on to those little crafting afternoons with the boys where we just play with pipe cleaners and construction paper. I am going to try my hardest to keep up with a biweekly post, even if that means making a few in advance and saving them as drafts.
Photo Fridays will be me posting a few photos every week of the kids and brief family updates. The idea is that between all the random bigger posts there will always be a little something posted on a regular basis.
The final change I intend to make is with the recipes that I have posted. Instead of having a tab with recipes galore I think I will make the recipes a regular blog post and the Recipes tab will have links to the original blog post. Also look forward to the addition of a Crafts and Projects tab.
Now, before I end this post I am going to share with you a photo of tomorrows Craft-tastic Tuesday project.

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