Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Beautiful Spring

It's been a beautiful Spring so far, with many sun filled days to make up for the odd bought of rain. The gardens are growing, and the lilacs are out. I love lilacs.
Little Meara is now 15 lbs and 14 oz and two and a half months old. She is growing like a weed. The boys are so in love with her, especially when she is smiling at them, which is often.

My little Funny Buzzy
And once more I have been sewing. I am running out of materials for diapers and so will have to order more soon as my weed is outgrowing many now.
A few weeks back Greg was invited to two birthdays in one day but I just didn't have the money to buy two gifts so I made them. I decided to sew wetbags in a larger size to be used as swimming bags. It took me about an hour to sew both together and I filled them with a few treats and beach things. I was quite proud of these. They turned out great.
This weekend, my stepmother gave me her old serger and a quite a bit of fabric. All I need now is a quiet afternoon, the courage to sit down and learn to use this new tool, and a pattern to follow. It is official, I have a new hobby.
Already I have quite a list of projects to work on, baby stuff for my best friend, more diapers, beach bags for the boys, and a few clothing items for myself. I spent a little while earlier this week figuring out how to sew a sheet for my change table pad, and it is a very easy task. So a few more of those to add to my list too.
Well, since the list keeps growing, and my baby is sleeping, perhaps I should work on that now. I will leave you with the video tutorial for these wetbags.

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