Friday, July 19, 2013

Belated Photo Friday

These last few weeks have been eventful. Summer has officially started and the boys are home from school. I am happily congratulating my best friend on her new and adorable baby girl.
The boys have started helping with chores around the house, and in a way that is actually helping. Not like when I used to have to sneak behind them and re-sweep.
Meara has been enjoying the Jolly Jumper, if you haven't seen it yet, we posted this video of her jumping once she finally learned how (took her about 5 days to get the hang of it).
I have spent quite a lot of time in front of my sewing machine too. I have plenty of posts planned for the coming Tuesdays now. So, since my last post, I have continued sewing diapers (I think I am addicted), I made some housewarming gifts for my brother and my sister, a cat bed, a messenger bag for Greg, and a set of pretty little burp cloths for Stacey. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of the burp cloths, because they were gorgeous, but I may make another set for a Tuesday post, since it was so easy to do, and they do make a great baby gift.
Anyhow, enjoy the photos and have a happy weekend.

The kitty bed that the kitty wont go near.

I had a photo of her enjoying her reflection but there was food on my lens smearing half the photo. Darn.

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