Friday, November 1, 2013

Photo Friday - Halloween

Halloween ended up being one of those hectic and dramatic days for me. I think that is probably typical of most moms. I had stayed up late the night before baking some 109 sugar cookies so the boys would have something to share with their classmates at school. Greg, the one whose class actually had a Halloween party, lost his cookies in the mudroom and never got to share them.
I was a bad Mama, because I didn't finish Meara's costume before Halloween, no instead I stressed out all day trying to make it work, swore at my failed ballet slippers and she ended up in a tutu we already had, some leg warmers I quickly made out of a pair of socks and voila, lazy ballerina suit.
I am so glad that that is over, now I get to stress out over Christmas, hooray!

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