Friday, November 15, 2013

My Argument Against One Size Diapers

I love cloth diapers. I am ridiculously proud of cloth diapering, and every time I sew a new diaper I fight the urge to shamelessly post it up all over my social networks. In fact, I fight the same urge every time I buy a new diaper too (just ordered some size 2 Thirsties, eeeek!). I have an eclectic stash of fluff. My stash consists of all kinds, home sewn, store bought, pockets, AIO's, Hybrids, Contours, Fitted, Prefolds, Flats..... What is missing from my stash? One size diapers.

I really don't like to buy diapers when they are one size because my baby girl is nearly 30lbs at 8 months old. She is a big girl and all along she has been. The few one size diapers I have she has been out of the rise snaps since 4 months. The only one size diapers we have are our Flip's and a handful of Shopdiaper's (I keep meaning to write a review for these, maybe I will finish this post with a word about that) and she is on the second last snap set for these.
One size diapers aren't really a one size fits all, especially with my little lady. Now I am sure she will thin out once she gets mobile and these diapers will magically fit again but I don 't want to waste money on something she will grow out of as quickly as she grew into it.
When I shop for diapers now I look for sized diapers, ones that I can be a little more sure of the size. This is part of the reason I prefer sewing diapers myself. A sized diaper tends to be trimmer because it was designed to fit a baby in a smaller size range. The sized diapers don't have too have so much width between the legs.
If you have a baby that is closer to the 50th percentile (instead of well into the 90's though I am sure tiny babies probably drown in these diapers too) then by all means, go ahead and use an one size. They are made to fit average babies from birth to potty training. My baby isn't average. So I HATE them.
So, to sum up my rant:

  • One Size diapers tend to bulkier and sized diapers tend to be trim
  • One Size diapers are made for average babies and are less likely to fit babies of less average shape
So, about, you may have seen their ads around or perhaps you have been tempted by their prices. I decided to give them a try a few months back, because, for a few dollars a diaper, why not. I figured the worst case scenario is they would be the last diapers I reach for on wash day.
When you buy "China Diapers" you should know you are taking a risk. I was always taught that you get what you pay for and these diapers are no exception.
I purchased a set of 6 diapers for $25 and then a couple "AIO" diapers for $5 each. All in all I paid less than $40 for 8 diapers, or a little over $4 a piece.
The set of 6 diapers came in yellow, red and blue. The workmanship on them was fine, but the materials seemed a little cheap. I was right when I guessed that these would be the last diapers I reach for. The microfiber inserts they came with don't hold much and they are prone to leaks no matter what I load them with. Some of them have started squeaking leading me to believe they are delaminating.
Speaking of delamination, I washed the "AIO" diapers once and my daughter never even wore them. They delaminated in the first wash. They also were not AIO, just pockets. A little misleading.
When ordering from sites like read the reviews first so you know what to expect and buy at your own risk.
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