Monday, October 28, 2013

Sorry, I Did it Again

So, I find myself suddenly two weeks with out any blog activity when I had promised some Halloween crafting posts among other good intentions. I have been busy, and not just with the list that I had posted.
When you learn to sew it is like owning a pick-up, everyone wants you to move, er, sew for them. So I haven't finished any costumes yet, I have set a deadline for myself of tomorrow for Meara and today for Joseph.
It is that time of year, moose hunting season. I don't hunt, nor does Dan, but Dan is a meat cutter so he works like mad from now till Christmas with a rare day off to recover. Dan's days off are for Dan, so even if I plan a post for that day, if he is off I will make sure he gets priority. So that is one small part of the excuse. I wont bother with it all. It has been a long few weeks.
So what is new? Well, I don't have to go back to work until the start of February (gotta love the Canadian Maternity/Parental leave program) and it is a few months away but still fast approaching. I have begun looking for work, I think it is time for a change and would rather not go back to my old job. I even had my first preliminary interview about 20 minutes ago by phone, yay!
Then comes that big headache, I need childcare. I hate that part. I really do.
Finding good childcare is never easy, it is emotional, it is stressful, and sometimes I would rather just let the personal finances go to hell in a hand basket and stay home with my kiddlets. But being a stay at home is not a realistic option, so childcare will have to be sought.
That said, I have an even longer list today so I am going to get at it and try to get some child care connections worked out.
Have a happy Tuesday and I will get a Photo Friday post this week for sure, since there are Halloween pictures to be shown.
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