Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Craft-tastic Tuesday - Crib Bedding Series - 1 of 4

At days shy of 5 months (how did that happen so fast?), we finally have Meara out of her cradle and into her crib. She absolutely loves her crib. Probably because now, she can roll around and it is a  lot comfier to be on a mattress than that thin cradle pad.
The Skip Hop Complete Sheet
I needed sheets for the crib, and after deciding I didn't have appropriate materials on hand  I came across the beautiful Complete Sheet by Skip Hop and thought, "I want to do that." Me, being me, I decided that she needs a nice matching bedding set. So of course, I have fallen in love with a nice set of coordinating designer fabrics, the Michael Miller Norwegian Woods Collection. I have ordered four 1 1/2 yard lengths from Etsy seller Spiceberry Cottage for a pretty good price and I have at least designed in my mind what I will be doing.

I have ordered 1 1/2 yards each of these four fabrics from Michael Miller's Norwegian Woods collection
Today's post is more a list of links and inspirations and a telling of my plan. This will be a series of posts as I put my crib set together but I have a feeling I will be posting the tutorials with an increased frequency (weekly, rather than biweekly) because I am just to darn excited for this.
I have decided not to make a bumper pad as I find them unnecessary, they are a SIDS risk, and after a while they become a climbing hazard. So meh to bumper pads, I will be sewing a sheet, crib blanket lined with minky, and a crib skirt (possibly pleated).

 Details after the break...

The Sheet
Because my sheet is inspired by a product I will have to design my own pattern for it, but there are a few free tutorials that will likely be referenced durring this process and I would love any suggestions or advice. These fabrics cost me a pretty penny and I have never worked with piping. Should I use the piping or try another trim or skip it all together?
Currently my plan is to use the owl fabric for the top and the acorns for the sides of the sheet. Or should the owls go on the sides?

Fern and Freckle crib sheet tutorial
Make Baby Stuff crib sheet pattern
Prudent Baby crib sheet pattern
Punkin Patterns how to sew in piping
The Insecure Quilter A Crib Sheet with Piping Tutorial (This is exactly what I was planning to make so I have my work cut out for me putting something original in the sheet tutorial)

I don't recall where I had originally come across the idea for the blanket, but I am not wanting an intensive project right now, after all, I am supposed to be focusing on sewing for the store right now, so I have decided on a minky and cotton blanket. There are a few ways to do this too, some use ricrac between the layers, or fancy stitches but I am going to keep mine really simple.
I will be using the purple fabric for this and likely a white minky.

How Does She print and minky baby blanket tutorial

I was originally planning on making a skirt that covered three sides of the crib until I looked at my crib this morning. The ends are solid wood, no slats, so there is no point in wasting fabric where it wont be seen. This is going to be the most ridiculously easy project of them all. I have found tonnes of crib skirts that can be adjusted and require minimum to no sewing. I am ambitious however so I will likely make mine with a pleat or two and line it with muslin. I will likely use snaps and bias tape or twill tape that can attach to the spring board under the mattress. Or I could just make ties, or use Velcro. If someone were making this and had a solid board under the crib (like I had with the boys cribs) you could always apply long strips of loop tape to the board and sew the hook tape to the skirt to keep it easily adjustable but still secure. Many possibilities here. And this is the place where I have many tutorials to inspire myself with. And the more I research, the more fun I am sure that this one will be. Hmm, reverse applique?
I will be using the mushroom fabric for this.

View Along the Way crib skirt tutorial
{adorkable}duo pleated crib skirt pattern
Honey and Fitz crib skirt pattern
Sew la Vie Reverse Applique Tips

I probably have about 2 weeks before I get all my fabric so I have plenty of time to plan this out. Things could easily change from this post. But I really really would love to hear from you, if you have any comments, suggestions, advice or warnings before I embark on this. That being said, don't be surprised if I have a non related Craft-tastic Tuesday post in 2 weeks. Till then, happy crafting.

So I wrote this post up a few days ago and I swear, I have been thinking about it so much, I am dream sewing. One thought is, I really will need a back up sheet, maybe a spare blanket, and nothing in the nursery matches, so fresh curtains, recover all the cushions, and last but not least matching change table sheets. Now I know I am going overboard. I am going to need to buy some solid fabrics to match for a few of the extra items. The spare sheet will be a plain teal, the extra blanket could be a two tone Purple and Green with acorns appliqued in the acorn fabric, I saw some cute change table sheet tutorials a few months back that used a print fabric on the top third of the fabric where baby's head goes, and I could sew some stripes of the blanket fabric into the curtains (I wonder how well the ones she has now will match to the new bedding? Navy with white polka dots).
I have thought this out way too much. I am so excited for this project, eek!

I will be adding links to this post as I find more relevant ones, so don't forget to check back regularly during this series.

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