Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cloth Diaper Linings - Is Stay Dry Better

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It has been a frustration of mine lately that often when I am getting up in the night to feed my daughter, she has leaked through her diaper, through her sleeper, and right on to her bed. When you have to fully change your child, and her bed in the middle of the night, it interferes with sleep for you and your child. Sleep is very precious to me. I make sure she has plenty of absorbency in her night time diapers, and I try to change them before this happens, when I can, but often times, it has already happened when she wakes for her first feeding. I believe I have found the cause of this frustration in the stay dry lining of her diapers.
This is a very common occurrence in her Happy Heinys and a few of the diapers that I had sewn using microfleece. I guess that means that the microfleece really works, because she stays feeling comfortable and dry until the diaper is so full that moisture has started wicking out by her thighs, and then she wakes. So no more microfleece at night.

Luckily, this is only really an issue at night, I change her frequently during the day, possibly too often, as many of the inserts I have pulled out of diapers were mostly dry.
Anyhow, back to the drawing board for the right diaper liner for my precious little one. This has led me to playing around with different linings in the diapers that I have been sewing and trying to decide what is best. I have been using a few simple questions to score the fabrics. Each yes, is a score of 1 point.
1. Is the lining easy to sew
2. Does it keep my baby reasonably dry
3. Is it soft
4. Does she become uncomfortable in time to alert me of a need to change
The fabrics that I have used and their scores
Microfleece (Wazoodle)- 3 out of 4, as mentioned above, it fails the 4th criteria, but my god, is this stuff soft!
Bamboo Jersey (Simplifi Fabric) - 1 out of 4, it is soft, but it doesn't offer much else as a lining
Diapermaker Stay Dry Pique (Wazoodle)- 3 out of 4, I can`t stand sewing with this fabric, and it just feels too thin
PolyCot Velvet (Wazoodle) - 4 out of 4, I received this as a free gift in my last order, and I love it. It is so easy to sew, very soft, it isn't a stay dry lining, but it stays fairly dry as long as the insert isn't soaked, and this is just what I want.

I have yet to try velour (but I will likely get some from Simplifi Fabric on my next order), and suede cloth (because I can`t find any from a Canadian store or an American store with decent shipping).

Do you have a favorite lining or an awesome fabric source to share

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