Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy First Birthday, Meara!

Before I neglect to post, here are a few moments from Meara's first Birthday party!

And plenty of photos after the break

Good eats

Cake, pre-destruction photo

Waiting for the party to start

Playing with her big sis

Balloons are great

and tasty

We can fit a lot of family into this tiny home

Me and the birthday girl, pre cake

At first the sprinkles were the best part

But then she discovered the cream filling mixed with cake crumbs makes for great finger painting

Dress back on and big sis gave her a mid party bath so it was gift time

I have no idea who gave her what, she just ripped up random girt wrap, and yanked tissue from random bags, so thank-you everyone for your generosity to this little princess.

Post party tired girl

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