Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Craft-tastic Tuesday - Blogger Neglect and Other Projects

I have been a bad bad blogger lately, haven't I?
Sorry for all the neglect, I had intended to post a tutorial or atleast a look at my sons Halloween costume but here we are early December, it's kinda late now (plus he stained it with chocolate!).
So I have been busy crafting, and life in general. It is hard to motivate yourself to write a decent blog post when you are running on your third cup of coffee, four hours of sleep and last nights dinner (I really should eat something) but I am doing it.
My DIY Christmas keeps shrinking and shrinking, before you know it it will look no different than last year. Eek, I haven't even started my baking yet. Last year, I had all my shopping done the day before Black Friday, this year I have hardly started. I really need to get my ass in gear.
I wont be posting any tutorials today, which I am sad about as it has been too long. Today I need to go fabric shopping, and I have an "appointment with Santa" to pick out some Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. So today you get to see a few photos of the kids pajamas that I have been sewing.
All of the pajamas that I have been making used patterns from the Sew Fab Pattern Bundle that I bought earlier this fall. It has easily paid for itself now.

This one will be Greg's, I am contemplating red cuffs.

Greg will be getting Best Harem Pants and a Vintage V-Neck. Joseph will be sporting Fancy Pants Leggings and a Vintage V-Neck. Meara will be sporting Sadie Grace Nighties. It's going to look like a reindeer puked Christmas onto my kids! Joseph tolled me that was gross but I keep saying it.

Not sewn, just started pining and got excited. Love the bum panel!

I am also going to post some gorgeous custom diapers I made, cause, why not!
I made this for a local mom but I wanted to keep it. So pretty. Luckily I could make more!

This beauty is available in my Etsy shop

Did I mention the crawling?
Wow, you know baby is tired when the alarm clock is blaring next to her and she snores right through, why can't I do that :(
Sorry, sidetracked there.
Diapers, yes I have been drooling all over WAHM made Hybrid Fitted Diapers for weeks and weeks but knowing how to sew makes me hesitant to spend 25-45 a diaper, even though they are ridiculously perfect. So I am heading to the fabric store for fleece today. Also, Meara may have 30+ diapers already, but when I found a WAHM selling these on Etsy for $12 plus shipping I bought some for under the tree.
Now she is awake. So cutting the writing short and I will feed her while adding photos to this post. Thanks for stopping by to read my ramble, more rambling soon.
I couldn't find Meara's finished Jammies photo so I will leave you with this random shot of Joseph from last Halloween.

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