Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Nesting Continues

I didn't even use a pattern for these.
Well, my due date is just nine days away and I spent my morning and most of the afternoon at the sewing machine. I had made a few burp cloths out of some flannel scraps a few nights ago and decided to head over to Walmart and grab a little more flannel to make some more of them today but next thing you know I am slip covering all the cushions in adorable pinks. I suppose I may have to admit that I am starting to become almost competent with the sewing machine. I managed to successfully slip cover a neck roll with out the use of curse words or tears! And yes, I am feeling very proud of myself.

I ordered a whole bunch of materials for some fitted diapers and a little more PUL fabric from Wazoodle yesterday so that I can make a few more larger diaper covers. I am getting really into this sewing thing. I think I may even braven up enough to make one of those lacy ruffle bottomed diaper covers.
I guess nesting is probably more of a way of coping with the impatience of waiting and trying to ignore all the braxton hicks. Well, whatever it is, I got it.

My pretties! The above picture shows the other side of them. Fabric cost was just $12.00 and I have so much left.

My burp cloth collection. Those are almost to pretty to be puked on. The pink with little brown polka-dots was fabric I already had on hand. It cost me $12/00 for the fabric for the other 5.
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