Monday, November 26, 2012

Novembers Update

Well it has been almost 2 months again with no update and I do have plenty of news.
We will start with that growing belly of mine. All is healthy and well. Baby is kicking up a storm.
Meara Elaine Jeanette Hall's due date is March 8th, 2013 but if she is anything like her brothers I predict she will drag it out a few extra days in there.
We are quite thrilled to be having a little girl. Even the boys are getting excited for her arrival. Just 3 more months plus a few days.
I seem to be really in the Christmas spirit already. The baking is almost finished (biscotti is in the oven right now!) and my shopping was finished last Thursday. Greg has been asking us since before Halloween when we are going to get a tree. I love the excitement of the boys this time of year. I even got Dan a little excited for it.
This year we are making up 32 bags of Christmas goodies and I have already posted my recipes. I will likely post some photos of my baking to go with the recipes but for now you will have to make do with Google Image searches.
I have been neglecting putting photos of the boys up. I usually take pictures with my phone now and as I have never bothered connecting it to my computer I would have to upload one at a time. Quite the process. So I am going to spend my afternoon searching for the charger for my camera so I may hopefully soon post a few nice photos of the boys, maybe a belly shot and a scan of Meara's sonogram.
Hopefully the next post is pre-Christmas.
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